Leaders in antibody biology, discovery and development

Vaughn Smider, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-founder and President

Founder and President, Applied Biomedical Science Institute, Adjunct Professor at Scripps Research. Previously, founder of Taurus Biosciences (sold to Ligand Pharmaceuticals) and Fabrus (sold to Eloxx). Deep academic/industry career in antibody genetics, biology, and protein engineering.

Duncan McGregor, Ph.D.


Vice President Discovery, Applied Biomedical Science Institute. Previously, founder/CEO at Cyclogenix, CSO at Isogenica, Haptogen. Inventor of cyclotide and CIS-Display technology.

Robert Sikorski, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer

Drug developer and Managing Director Woodside Way Ventures. Previously CMO of FivePrime Therapeutics, Sr Director Global Oncology Research at Medimmune, Director Global Oncology R&D at Amgen. Extensive experience developing advanced oncology products.

Ruiqi Huang, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Senior Scientist

Research Fellow at Applied Biomedical Science Institute and co-inventor of IL-15 molecules and platform technologies.


Minotaur scientists are leaders in the field with multiple peer reviewed publications
Reshaping antibody diversity

Reshaping antibody diversity

The first detailed structural and genetic analysis of cow ultralong CDR3 antibodies. Featured on the cover of Cell.

The smallest antibody fragment

The smallest antibody fragment

Discovery, production, and characterization of cow antibody CDR3 "knob" regions independently of the antibody. This work, recently published in PNAS, establishes the knob peptide as the smallest antibody fragment.

Antibodies from different species

Antibodies from different species

A minireview paper on the unique features of antibodies from non-human species, including a discussion of the "nanobodies" from camelids and ultralong CDR3 regions from cow antibodies.

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